Exam Results for Grade 10 and 12 Exam Results for Grade 10 and 12

Exam results may be obtained via SMS or web application service as indicated below:

1. SMS Service

The following procedure should be followed when using the SMS services. Send a message which gives the name of the examination, e.g. JSC followed by the surname and first name of the candidate.

Example (a):  JSC Kalomoh Fennie

Example (b): NSSCH Kaperu Theo


Write your full examination number

Example (a): JSC 101E25002

Example (b): NSSCH 10HE250025

Send this information to any of the following numbers 2929, 99099 or 55755 and in response your surname, name and results will be displayed on the screen of your cell phone.


2. Website Application Service

Exam Results may also be obtained through one of the following online web application services: